Now Offering Beta Reading Services

 Are you a published or aspiring author looking to get another pair of eyes on your book? Your search ends here. 

In-depth beta reads can be a cost-friendly alternative to pricey developmental edits, letting you know how your story, pacing, and characters are impacting readers.

As an avid reader and an indie-published author of two books, I can help you spot what's working and what's not in your story. I'll provide honest feedback in a kind and encouraging way, stopping at every chapter for notes. 

Message me on Instagram or Facebook if you're interested, and I'll see if I can fit your novel (or short story, or novella) in my schedule. While I read all genres, my specialty is YA fiction.


Up to 80,000 words - $30

Each additional 1,000 words - $0.50

(Payments are made via PayPal and are non-refundable, with the exception of my failing to return story feedback within the allotted time frame of five business days from the date of payment.)

Note: Special pricing is available for shorter works under 40k words on a case-by-case basis.


"I absolutely LOVE Brooke's beta reading service. Her insights are totally spot-on, and after her honest feedback, I'm so ready to jump into my next revision. I highly recommend Brooke to any writer looking to fast track their revision process with a sharp beta reader."

-Hayley Chow, Author of Odriel's Heirs

“Brooke was amazing. She was very professional and thorough, getting my work back to me in a timely manner. Her feedback was instrumental in my novel’s progress. I will not hesitate to use her again.”

-Rhett Smith

"I used Brooke to beta read my first novel, and I was pleased with the feedback she gave me. She was extremely nice, helpful, professional, and kept me updated on where she was within the story. Will definitely work with her again."

-Timberly Price


  1. I hired Brooke to beta my tenth book. Least to say, I know what a good beta is, and Brooke is a great beta! One of the best I've ever had. Her inline comments helped me realize what a reader felt as they read my words. She pointed out where I needed to expand and where readers would benefit by cutting. Only an author can tell another author "Let the scene speak for itself, don't over-explain it." I knew exactly what she meant. She speaks in the language a writer understands, no matter what level you may be.

    Her end-of-chapter summary after every single chapter would make me sit back and reconsider her comments. Her work was incredibly fast, which is what I wanted, and I spent more time editing based on her comments than she took reading the entire manuscript and offering insight I never expected.

    Suffice to say, Brooke is a 5 Star beta! You will not be ready to publish until you make it a Brooke Beta Book!


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