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Now Offering Beta Reading Services

 Are you a published or aspiring author looking to get another pair of eyes on your book? Your search ends here.  In-depth beta reads can be a cost-friendly alternative to pricey developmental edits, letting you know how your story, pacing, and characters are impacting readers. As an avid reader and an indie-published author of two books, I can help you spot what's working and what's not in your story. I'll provide honest feedback in a kind and encouraging way, stopping at every chapter for notes.  Message me on Instagram or Facebook if you're interested, and I'll see if I can fit your novel (or short story, or novella) in my schedule. While I read all genres, my specialty is YA fiction. Pricing Up to 80,000 words - $30 Each additional 1,000 words - $0.50 (Payments are made via PayPal and are non-refundable, with the exception of my failing to return story feedback within the allotted time frame of five business days from the date of payment.) Note: Special pricin

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