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New YA Fantasy Series: The Sky Children

A team of high schoolers bestowed with sky powers. An inexperienced thunder wielder. A dangerous secret. The Sky Children is a high-octane contemporary fantasy series that follows Morgan, a high schooler bestowed with the seemingly useless power of thunder. When her lightning-wielding brother is kidnapped, the mysterious new transfer student from her school might be the only one who can help her save him. If she can survive that long. The concept for this series was born in 2018, and over the years, I crafted a cast of unique characters that I've come to love. The found family dynamic is a blast to write, and the love story between Morgan and Rain feeds my soul. The first two books, Skyborne and Downpour, are available on Kindle Unlimited, and Stormbound is slated to release in early March. I'm still developing the series, but I'm guessing it will wrap up with six to seven books total. I have a big story to tell, and these characters are going to go to Hades and back bef

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