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7 Books About Teenage Superheroes You Need to Read

Bust out your cape, because these superhero novels are about to supercharge your bookshelf! Okay, cheesy quips aside, these seven reads are seriously good. As a fan of superhero fiction (and superheros in general), I started diving into the super-powered stories that forgo the traditional comic book format for the written word. Not all these teenage superheroes wear capes, but their stories are sure to leave you in the clouds. 1. Wearing the Cape In a world where superheroes have agents, become celebrities, and live pretty complicated lives, Hope has big decisions thrust on her when she gains superpowers. Will she take up the cape and save the world? There's only one way to find out. This fast-paced story by Marion G. Harmon is the first in a series that delves into an exciting world of supers. 2.  The Supervillain and Me The Supervillain and Me follows Abby, an average girl with no powers who teams up with a misunderstood teenage supervillain. This is

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