I'm Brooke De Lira, a fiction author who's currently working on publishing her first novel, a YA adventure about a superhero with parkour skills who takes on an animal trafficking empire in Los Angeles.

My Writing

Creating stories has always captivated me. My dusty old hard drive is filled with short stories and novel beginnings. Now, I'm finally taking my craft to a professional level.

I draw inspiration from the real world, but I love mixing things up with a fantastical element. Characters and plot are always important, but more than anything, I'm passionate about themes and issues that touch readers on a deep level.

Writing is already part of my daily life; I work as a freelance writer through OneSpace, an amazing freelancing platform. I research and write about every topic you can imagine, and it's given me a solid foundation for honing my craft.


I'm a dedicated parkour athlete with a passion for movement as well as co-founder of the popular YouTube channel Brasil Trix. I also run the parkour website Rising Traceuse, a resource geared toward female practitioners.

Born and raised in Minnesota, I currently live in Brazil with my husband Stefanno and my two cats. Most of my days are spent jumping, climbing, and (of course) writing.

If you want to follow along on my journey to publication, feel free to like my author page and follow me on Twitter. You can also subscribe to my email list in the sidebar.

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