Hey there! I'm Brooke De Lira, an indie author of YA fiction who loves writing thrilling stories that jump off the page. After releasing my debut novel, the teen superhero epic Feral Phantom, I chose to make a career out of publishing YA superhero fiction, thrillers, and urban fantasy.

Who exactly is Brooke?

I am a writer, amateur parkour athlete, and leader of a small civilization of rescued street cats. How many cats? Too many. (That's what happens when you're an animal lover who lives in a country with no animal shelters. Your home becomes one!)

Born and raised in Minnesota, I currently live near the sandy shores of northeastern Brazil with my husband Stefanno and our feline roommates. Most of my days are spent jumping, climbing, rosemaling, and (of course) writing.

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My Writing

Creating stories has always captivated me. I draw inspiration from the real world, but I love mixing things up with a fantastical element. Characters and plot are always important, but more than anything, I'm passionate about themes and issues that touch readers on a deeper level.

Writing has been a part of my daily life for more than 8 years. I worked as a freelance writer through OneSpace, an amazing freelancing platform that gave me a solid foundation for honing my craft. I have also starting beta reading novels for a small fee.

But of course, fiction writing will always be number one for me. Who knows what else the future holds?

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