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Line Editing

Looking to hook readers and hold them captive from cover to cover? I'd love to polish your writing and make your prose sing with a thorough line edit.

Using MS Word's Track Changes to give you full control of the final product, I'll edit for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and usage according to the Chicago Manual of Style throughout two full passes.

I'll also be editing for flow and readability. This may include replacing overused words and phrases, varying sentence length and structure, rewording confusing passages, removing filter words when needed, and rewording unnatural dialogue.

All while keeping your unique author voice intact.

Turnaround time ranges from two to four weeks depending on the length of your novel. 

Interested? Message me on InstagramGoodreads or Facebook to set up a free sample edit. While I work with all genres, my specialties are YA fiction, thrillers, and contemporary romance.


$0.008 per word ($480 for a manuscript with 60,000 words)

For first-time clients, I offer a special rate of $0.005 per word.

(Payments are made via PayPal and are non-refundable, with the exception of my failure to complete and deliver the edited manuscript.)


"If you need a line editor, Brooke is your girl! She was one of my first beta readers, and I loved her comments so much. They were so helpful in the revisions. When it came time for edits, I knew my manuscript was in good hands. Little did I know how AMAZING these edits would be. My manuscript came to life in a way I couldn't have imagined. I am so excited to move forward and it is all because of her! She will be my number one in the future. Truly amazing work! 
- Karen Ramsey

"Working with Brooke has helped me bring my story to a whole new level! I have learned so much about my own writing through her thorough and thoughtful edits, and I'll be a better writer for it. " 
- Lesley Larosee


If your novel is edited and you only need a final brush-up with regards to grammar, spelling, and punctuation, my proofreading service is the choice for you.

I'll complete two careful passes to catch any grammatical mistakes while keeping your stylistic choices intact. I edit according to the Chicago Manual of Style and will also keep a close eye out for consistent character and place names. 


$0.0025 per word. 

Message me on Instagram or Facebook to schedule your proofread.

Beta Reading

Due to time constraints, I'm offering beta reads on a case-by-case basis. My in-depth beta reads include inline comments and a final report along with suggestions for improving the story (think of it like a lighter developmental edit.) 

$1 per 1,000 words, with a $15 per-story minimum

"I absolutely LOVE Brooke's beta reading service. Her insights are totally spot-on, and after her honest feedback, I'm so ready to jump into my next revision. I highly recommend Brooke to any writer looking to fast track their revision process with a sharp beta reader."

-Hayley Chow, Author of Odriel's Heirs

“Brooke was amazing. She was very professional and thorough, getting my work back to me in a timely manner. Her feedback was instrumental in my novel’s progress. I will not hesitate to use her again.”

-Rhett Smith

"I used Brooke to beta read my first novel, and I was pleased with the feedback she gave me. She was extremely nice, helpful, professional, and kept me updated on where she was within the story. Will definitely work with her again."

-Timberly Price

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