Author Services

 Looking for high-quality and affordable author services? I now offer both beta reading and line editing for authors of all genres and experience levels.

With my services, you can expect speedy results, encouraging feedback, and the utmost professionalism.

Beta Reading Services

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Want to know how your plot and characters are impacting readers? Need someone to point out inconsistencies and plot holes? As a beta reader, I'll provide pages of feedback to help you create the best story possible. Rates start at $30 for a full read. 

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Line Editing Services

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From grammar and punctuation to dialog and spelling, a line edit can help polish your book to a shine. 

I'll also remove filter words, fix passive language, replace overused words, and vary sentence structure for optimal readability. All without departing from your unique author voice. 

Price: $0.004 cents a word (or $240 for a 60,000-word book)

Turnaround time is two weeks from your scheduled date, and your manuscript will go through two full manual edits to ensure quality. You will also receive up to two revisions if you're not satisfied with your edit.

Want a free sample edit of your first five pages? Send me a message on Facebook or Goodreads.

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