The high-flying world of parkour is Nanda's only escape from the animals who call to her every hour. When she wakes up on a dark hillside with the past three days wiped from her memory, everything changes. Her shaky parkour skills—gone. This is the new Nanda, and she can leap over rooftops like an urban ninja.

Her search for answers brings her face to face with The Trade, a wildlife trafficking empire that hides a menacing secret. Governed by a cryptic leader, the underground operation slips past the police, moving endangered animals in the thousands. Only Nanda can jump, vault, and climb her way to their salvation. But to answer their call, this super-powered teen must prepare to lose more than just her secrecy.

Feral Phantom is a Young Adult Action/Adventure story. Get it here.

Feral Phantom


It’s been three summers since Madelyn’s brother Aiden fell to his death, swallowed by the cold waves of Lake Superior. They say it was an accident. She knows that's a lie.

Having mastered the art of lucid dreaming, the teen scours her own dreams for her lost memory of what happened that day. The truth hides somewhere in her mind's version of Shy Harborwhere the tragedy took place. But the mirror town is cold and desolate. Her only light is Luke, the mysterious boy her dreams created. Madelyn feels closer than ever to unlocking her unconscious. Until she ventures too deep, and her worst fear is realized.

She can't wake up.

To return to the waking world, Madelyn must now solve her brother’s death within the eerie constructs of her own mind before her consciousness slips away forever. As the mystery deepens and the bone-chilling Intruders begin hunting her down, Madelyn discovers that some secrets are best left under the surface.

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Wake Up


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